Cheap Plastic Storage Boxes With Lids Online – All Sizes

Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids come in All Sizes and Prices

Plastic storage boxes and containers have come a long way since the days of the Tupperware flour and sugar containers, and today’s options are stackable, portable, and durable, not too mention that they come in a range of sizes from those small enough for food to thirty-gallon size that have wheels, compartments, latching lids and carrying handles.  The versatility of these storage boxes and containers is virtually endless, and if you can fit it in one, within reason of course, you can store it, transport it or organize with these ingenious products.

plastic storage boxesCommon Uses for Plastic Storage Boxes

While listing all of the uses for these handy little, and not so little, plastic storage boxes is not even close to being realistic, some of the more popular applications are, of course, storage and organization.  The kinds of things that can be stored using plastic storage boxes and the efficiency through which they can be stored are the real secrets to the popularity of these containers.  Plastic storage boxes have organized garages, basements and storage areas for years, and with their durability and portability, they make the process of relocating them or just locating particular items much easier.

Large plastic storage boxes can be used to separate and organize holiday decorations, which also make storing and retrieving them much easier as well.  Since most plastic storage boxes with lids have some kind of locking mechanism, whether just a snapping lid or a latching one, moving them around or maneuvering them into tight spaces like attics are simpler and safer.

Sizes and Prices for Plastic Storage Boxes

The sizes of plastic storage boxes are almost as varied and the styles and manufacturers of these plastic storage boxes, and they can range from shoe-box size and sandwich containers to thirty-gallon tubs with wheels built into the bottom and locking lids, and the prices for these different features vary accordingly.  The typical small plastic storage boxes often come in packages of 4, 6, 8 or more, depending on the size, and range from around $50 to $60 for a set of 6, 64-quart containers, which hold just over 15 gallons each, adding up to quite a bit of storage, and these are the plastic storage boxes with lids as well.

Smaller sizes of plastic storage boxes can be commonly found online for as little as $25 to $30 for a set of 6, 20-quart containers, and just about any dimensions desired can be located, including specific shapes with other features for closets, garages and laundry rooms, just to name a few.  Many restaurants have taken to using these for storage uses in dry-storage areas, as they help keep moisture and pests out, and in cold storage, for the same reasons and the added protection from freezer burn.  Campers, parents, vacationers, and many more use these storage boxes on a regular basis, as do many professional organizations where lack of storage space can be money as well as an inconvenience.

plastic storage boxesOnline Outlets for Plastic Storage Boxes

A quick query of one of the major search engines will return enough results for plastic storage boxes to keep one busy for an hour or two, proving sometimes too much selection can be a bad thing.  One of the better ways to locate plastic storage boxes is through one of the many online retailers, like or, as many more options and discounts are available online, and shipping is usually only a dollar or two, saving the hassle of getting them to where they need to be.

Another great way to locate more specific items, like special-use plastic storage boxes, is from the manufacturers directly, and and are two of the most popular, both having a wide selection available for order from their websites and also information on those retailers carrying their products in specific locations.

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